Buy WordCamp Tickets Offline in Mumbai, Nashik and Pune

desk-44077_1280Our tickets are selling well but a common complaint at times is that for some people buying a ticket online is difficult because they might not have a bank account or access to a credit card.

This is especially true with younger audiences and college going WordPress fans.

So we are introducing offline ticket sales! We have kept some tickets away which can be bought offline paying cash.

The price remains INR 500/- but there are three places you can buy these tickets this Saturday, February 27th 2016. Currently this is the only date we are making offline tickets available.

  • Mumbai WordPress Meetup10.30 am to 1.00 PM.
    Address: Starbucks Bandra-Kurla Complex
    Ground Floor, First International Financial Centre Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
  • Pune WordPress Knowledge Exchange4.30 PM to 6.30 PM
    Address: rtCamp Solutions Pvt Ltd
    G-2/2, Liberty Phase-2, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
  • Nashik WordPress Meetup5.30 PM to 6.30 PM
    Address: MilesWeb Internet Services
    401 C-Wing, 4th Floor, Chandrakiran Park, Near Prakash Petrol Pump, Govind Nagar, Nashik

Don’t just attend these meetups to buy tickets but also get talking and ask your questions about what a WordCamp is, why you should attend one and more.

Also for folks who want to buy tickets online, visit

We are working on announcing a rough schedule soon and you can also check out our list of speakers announced to decide on attending the event.

Big thanks to Harshad Mane and Saurabh Shukla along with local organisers of meetups in Nashik and Pune for making offline ticket sales happen.

Note: Offline tickets can only be purchased by paying cash. If you prefer using a card, use the online option.

Why you should attend WordCamp Mumbai 2016

WordCamp Mumbai is great way to meet other local talent from in and around Mumbai, share your experiences and knowledge and most importantly it’s about bringing people with a common interest together. It’s one of the only conferences in the world where you’ll meet both hobbyists and professionals.

We understand that WordPress means different things for different people and this is your chance to learn a little bit about those other things. WordPress means the business of theme or plugin or website building for some. Some use it to create, share and promote to the world. While for others it’s a tool to build and foster a community. WordPress means code to some while it means moving away from coding to others. We’ve got all of you sorted while being a fun and casual learning experience.

In the end it is also about the people. I’ve personally made a ton of friends who’ve helped me in my personal and professional life. You’ll get to meet people from all walks of life, from different parts of India and from different parts of the world.

We know that you have a passion for WordPress – and we want to invite you to come share that with us. Book your tickets right now.

If you are registered already  – thanks for being awesome – and make sure you’re registered for updates to this site using the form in the sidebar.

Look who’s attending #WCMumbai

Curiosity is part of human nature and when ever I attend an event, I wonder who I would meet there. So for WordCamp Mumbai we made it a little easier.

We took our ticketing live a couple of days back and we also put up a page showing attendees. This page lists registered attendees with their websites and twitter profiles (if they shared those details). This will help you plan ahead who you’d like to meet with at the WordCamp and may be reach out to them on twitter or through their website.

attendees page

We also plan on selling tickets at our next meetup, for those who can’t make online payments.

For those who don’t really like the idea on being shown on the attendee page, yes we have a way of hiding you, so do let us know if you’d like to not be shown on the attendee page.

WordCamp Mumbai Tickets are Live!

The tickets to WordCamp Mumbai 2016 are now LIVE!

The ticket price is INR 500/- only and is non-refundable. This ticket is valid for both days.

If you have applied as a speaker but have not been yet confirmed, do not worry, we will have tickets that you can purchase later.

Speakers who have already been confirmed along with sponsors will be sent their free tickets over the weekend.

You can book your tickets at

When are WordCamp Mumbai Tickets going live?

As the date for WordCamp Mumbai 2016 comes closer you are now likely to see a burst of blog posts, ideas and views about the event.

One question most frequently asked is when are we going to make tickets available? We are carrying out some last minute experiments and ironing out details before we go live!

So all things going right, we will be going live with our tickets by 1st February, 2016 (fingers crossed).

Our ticket Wrangler Vachan Kudmule is busy trying to figure out what would be the best way to get people the most access to tickets.

As organisers we try to get reach out to as many as we can and as diverse a group we can. So stay tuned for some more experiments with ticketing we might announce.

Last but not the least wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day and remember the date, tickets go live on 1st February, 2016.