Darshan will show you the magic behind permalinks

darshan sawardekarURLs are the means we use to view and share content in WordPress. In this talk Darshan will talk about the URL architecture of WordPress. He’ll review the various permalink tags provided by WordPress and how to choose which ones to use. Finally we’ll look at different approaches to further customize these URLs to best match our content.

Darshan Sawardekar (@_dsawardekar) is a full stack software engineer with a keen interest in Test Driven Development. A relative newcomer to WordPress having only started out a few years ago with the 3.1 release he particularly enjoys working with the Plugin architecture of WordPress.

He is currently a Lead Web Engineer at 10up where he works on some amazing projects and helps scale very High Traffic WordPress installations.

Darshan is also an avid Vim user and plugin Developer. He built the WordPress.vim plugin which brings advanced IDE functionality like Auto-Completion, Syntax Highlighting, WP CLI integration to Vim.