Find out what do your WordPress customers want with Shilpa Shah

shilpa-shahWe are announcing our first speaker for WordCamp Mumbai today! Shilpa Shah will speak on “What do customers want?”

Shilpa will tell us how to get inside the head of customers who use WordPress products. This session makes sense towards a whole range of WordPress users – from full stack developers to casual bloggers to people who are new to WordPress.

While Shilpa can’t help you develop super-natural powers, she is definitely going to try – by sharing her learnings, explaining how to read and understand customer expectations, tune yourself to receiving feedback (often times it is disguised !) , act on it and delight your customer.

About Shilpa

Shilpa joined the WordPress party a little late but has been completely enamoured by the WordPress community since then. Shilpa co-founded Hummingbird Web Solutions in 2011 which nurtures a number of popular WordPress products ( SlideDeck, CyberChimps , WPeka Club, WPAuctionSoftware and SurveyFunnel amongst others)

She was bitten by the travel bug pretty early on and was lucky enough to have a job (in her earlier corporate avatar) that took her to various countries , meeting some truly wonderful people everywhere !

Connect with her on Twitter @IdleGazer

Stay tuned for another speaker who will be announced tomorrow!