Michael Eisenwasser will help you increase user engagement using BuddyPress

Modern websites like Facebook and Youtube keep you hooked all day, while you visit most WordPress blogs only on occasion. What’s the difference? Social sites allow you to participate in the creation and sharing of content, so of course you stick around! Learn how to use BuddyPress to turn your own visitors into highly engaged participants, who regularly log into your site to produce content. With this power, you can build sites for collaborative education, social blogging, social commerce, social portfolios and more, all on WordPress.

michaelMichael is a BuddyPress enthusiast, with experience designing and building themes and plugins.

He is co-founder of BuddyBoss, a company that helps entrepreneurs to create successful BuddyPress communities. He previously managed the development and growth of SongLyrics.com, one of the most highly-trafficked websites in the world with over 100 million annual visitors. He has spoken at WordCamp Pune, WordCamp Miami, BuddyCamp Brighton (UK) and several universities about BuddyPress and web design.