Raghavendra will speak on WordPress accessibility features

raghavendraOne of main issues with making themes and product accessible on WordPress is a lack of discussion around it. It is a major topic that should be addressed at every WordCamps where designers and developers are present.

Raghavendra Satish Peri will cover the basics of accessibility & how designers & developers can leverage the tools out there to make their WordPress themes more accessible.

Raghavendra will tell his own story and will show a few demos.

About Raghavendra

Raghavendra brings more than 5yrs of experience to the table in the niche area of Digital Accessibility; has worked with various clients ranging from travel & hospitality, e-commerce, entertainment & media, banking & finance and more.

He currently works with Deque Software as Digital Accessibility Consultant.

When he is not busy with his day job He spends his free time blogging,
training for marathons, listening to audiobooks, traveling & attending
conferences/local meet-ups.

Currently he is focusing his energy on enabling the wider design & developer community in India to understand why digital accessibility & digital equality is important.

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