Ramya Pandyan on “The Community Manager – the future of a blogger”

At every WordCamp there are many bloggers who attend and wonder, what exactly is the future of blogging. One future that can be imaged is the role of a Community Manager.

The role of a community manager is not very clear at times. They are responsible for but not dictators of the communities they manage. There are all kinds of people issues that come up and questions of security, access, control etc.

Ramya Pandya (aka Ideasmithy) as a content creator, sees her communities as the people who read and engage often with her content, some of them content creators themselves. Hear her talk about how these communities collaborate merging communities or even new communities being created at WordCamp Mumbai.

Ramya has been a long time blogger. She battles obscurity, slays boredom and keeps a lot of people entertained with her stories about Mumbai, men, books and life at large. She blogs, tweets, Insta’s, FB’s, +G’s and Goodreads.

Tweet-bomb her at @ideasmithy.