Unveiling the Word Lounge by Alphabet Sambar

WordLounge_WCMumbaiWriters, wordsmiths and spinners of yarns everywhere! Lend us your ears. For we present to you the 2016 edition of the Word Lounge! Replete with writing workshops, storytelling games, Twitter fiction, and many other adventures of the literary kind.

As you well know, writing is not just about stringing pretty words together, but it is about characters, dialogues, settings, story, genre etc. At the Word Lounge 2016, you will get to fine-tune these nuances.

Curious to know more? Read on.

Think you know your cinema? How about writing stories incorporating some of the most iconic dialogues in movie history? Better still, how about getting inside John’s head and getting him to do what you want, all to achieve your own nefarious goals. If being evil and manipulative is not your cup of tea (difficult as it is to believe), why not just relax with our fellow writers for a taste of some Alphabet Sambar?

We’ve all sung the wrong lyrics to a song. And in that moment when the terrible, traumatising truth dawns on us, we find ourselves standing our ground, adamantly protesting that our lyrics are better than the original (They fit better, for heaven’s sake!). Well, what if that could be true? Just this once? Come! Wield your pens and be delightfully wrong with us! The famous writer Oscar Wilde once said, “The heart was made to be broken.”

Let’s pick up the pieces in style at the Word Lounge. Tell us about the raised toilet seats. The missed appointments. The unpaid bills. The snoring. The nagging. The forgotten anniversaries. Tell it all!

And that is not the end of it. Here at the Word Lounge, you will learn about the jobs that aren’t out there, the jobs that only exist in a parallel universe.

Come visit us at the Word Lounge on 12th and 13th March! Wield your pen, flaunt your imagination, and awaken the writer within!

(Blogpost contributed by Disha)