Vijay Nallawala is the speaker who will teach you to create awareness for a cause

vijay-nallawalaVijay has built a bustling online community for the bipolar disorder afflicted in India. He’s (literally) written a book on his experiences on how he managed to break the stranglehold of stigma & isolation associated with bipolar disorder. This community has also led to him writing a fortnightly column on Mental Health on DNA Online.

In WordCamp Mumbai Vijay will talk about WordPress for Social Cause and his work on how he has guided people to medical professionals or has motivated them and made them believe in themselves and their ability to deal with the dreaded condition.

Vijay Nallawala (@VijayNallawala) is a digital storyteller who helps people build their personal brands. He’s also the author of ‘A Bipolar’s Journey ~ From Torment to Fulfillment”, Speaker and a Mental Wellness Facilitator.