Volunteers for the Word Lounge at WordCamp Mumbai

(Post content contributed by Disha)

At WordCamp 2016, not only will you interact with bloggers, designers and developers, but also sharpen your writing skills at the Word Lounge. The Word Lounge is a place where writing workshops will take place along side the sessions that happen in the main auditorium.

This is a space where you can explore different aspects of writing. Word Lounge will be conducted by the members of Alphabet Sambar – an experimental writing project, that nurtures and supports writers.

RamyaRamya Pandyan is Chef de Cuisine at Alphabet Sambar. A Bombay girl by birth and spirit, she had a storied career in the corporate world before she struck out to make a new way in words. She works as a digital storyteller, and was Grand Poobah for the first edition of Word Lounge held in Pune.

Aditya BAditya Bidikar thinks in panels and pixels. This Puneri man of letters writes fantasy fiction and also letters comic books for a living. His project ‘Daily Fiction’ had him turning out one weird idea a day, disguised as flash fiction for a year. Aditya brings the sweet union of words and pictures to Word Lounge this year.

SwaminiSwamini Deshpande is an engaging presenter of the written word. She is known for theatrics in her performance, which keeps her audience hooked to every word. Approachable and grounded, you will be surprised at what this foodie can whip out and churn out; worthy of the literary Michelin star.

AnishAnish Vyavahare is a branding consultant, teacher, and a writer. This biker boy has a funny take on everything. When he is not busy sharing exciting anecdotes with his students, Anish likes to spend time trying his hand at cooking and reading poetry. His writings are characterised by slapstick wit and quick humour.

PuckPuck is an irrepressible bundle of pure and unadulterated energy hurtling towards you. She of the infectious laughter, awkward antics, and delusions of grandeur that would put Darth Vader to shame. When she isn’t getting bitten by mosquitoes or being attacked by furniture, she can be found bundled under a thick blanket, cackling away at the latest Wodehousian concoction.

AmeyaAmeya Sarda is an avid black coffee-fuelled sleep deflector. Having never quite grown out of the kindergarten behaviour of teasing the people he likes, Ameya now spends most of his time playing board games and procrastinating writing. A younger sibling ensured an uncanny ability to stave off blame. He can usually be found Feeling the Bern or sniggering at Laurie & Fry.

janviJanvi Mahnot refers to herself as a ‘chocolate dependent’ life form. She is a Liberal Arts student, so jack of all trades, master of none. Loves quiet cafes and not-so-quiet book stores. An aspiring librarian; she has already got the glasses. In her spare time, she gets eccentric photographs clicked of herself. She is also a professional to-do list maker.

FairyFairy Dharawat is not a tale, she is a storyteller. She is versatile as a writer. But can anybody beat her at writing comic performance pieces where she takes the onus of representing the witty nuances of having pets like cats, dogs and cockroaches? I don’t think so.

RajashreeRajashree Gandhi aka Raju wins you over with amusing pocket size poems which you have got to hear. Her poems are a delightful mix of wit and charm just like her personality. This chirpy gal with a curly crop is an enthusiastic writer, who loves to ramble on how absurd some of the daily prime time television shows can be. And we couldn’t agree more with her.

FebinFebin Mathew is an engineer by the day and a writer at all times. He takes precision to a whole new level with his critique. His writing flows like a breeze but at the same time, you will be left holding on to your seats, for you don’t know when the next twist will leave you wanting for more of his wit and genius.

DishaDisha Khemchandani’s writing always takes off in new and interesting directions. Her quill is moody but when aflutter, it paints fresh canvasses with beautiful dreams and words.

Her verse is the echo of the soul.

VarunVarun Garg is a mechanical engineer and a nutrition advisor by qualification, writer by profession and a poet by nature. He writes in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English. Often his work captures nostalgia in its various forms and leaves the reader aching with a feeling for a home that was. He released his first book of poems titled ‘Visarjan’ at the World Book Fair, New Delhi in February 2014.

AditiAditi Maddali is currently pursuing freelance web related work in Mumbai. She is a city person and is interested in images, moving and still.

She is Alphabet Sambar’s official photographer for Word Lounge.

The Alphabet Sambar community spans fifteen cities and seven countries. Come say hello on Twitter or their Facebook group.

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