10up is our latest Sponsor

We are happy to announce our latest Bronze Sponsor – 10up.

A little about 10up.

10up is a full service digital agency with a passionate team of 120+ full-time strategists, designers and engineers working around the globe. 10up focuses on making content management simple through its premiere web design & development consulting services, by contributing thousands of hours and dollars every year to open platforms like WordPress, and by providing tools and products that make web publishing a cinch. 10up works with clients across diverse industries including media, non-profit, education, government and retail, at the scale of medium sized businesses to enterprise organizations. From beautiful pixels to beautiful code, the team engineers elegant solutions and delivers high quality digital experiences, applying their passions to clients’ projects and goals. For more information, please visit 10up.com.

You can follow them on facebook and twitter.

WisdmLabs is our third bronze sponsor

This year we set out to raise more funds compared to the last few, in order to increase our capacity at the event, at first we thought it was too much of challenge to raise about 2-3 times the amount we raised in the last few years.

But we have exceeded our own expectations and have been able to raise enough to even afford a full house event, thanks to sponsors like WisdmLabs who are coming forward to help us.

We are glad to announce that WisdmLabs – A popular local WordPress Agency joins us as Bronze Sponsors.

Here’s a little about Wisdmlabs:

WisdmLabs believes in using Web weaving Technologies for all our endeavors, as it helps us to create great user experiences and provides our client’s business with commercial scalability.
Our Vision is to create great applications through innovation for universal web access
We aim to:
  • Leverage the power of web-based technology for our clients benefit
  • Build sustainable careers for all our colleagues
  • Create value for our overall community.
With 25 premium plugins and counting, we are a Products-focused services company. We are a team of quality-centric, target-oriented workaholics dealing in state-of-art business solutions and future-friendly web developments.

Zoho is Gold!

We are happy to announce our first Gold Sponsors for WordCamp Mumbai 2016, Zoho.com

The Zoho Team is really excited to attend WCMumbai and interact with our attendees.

If you haven’t yet heard about Zoho (highly unlikely), here’s a little about them.

Zoho is a business operating system—a single cloud software platform with all the applications to run an entire business. We have over 15 million users. Zoho’s productivity and collaboration suite include Email HostingDocument ManagementOffice Suite and Project Management while the business applications range from CRM and Campaign Management to Customer SupportAccounting and more.

Zoho also offers WordPress plugins with a few apps, such as Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Creator, for engaging website visitors in real time and managing web form submissions.

If you would like to attend WordCamp Mumbai, and haven’t yet bought a ticket. Do hurry! you’ll be surprised how soon these tickets sell out 2-3weeks away from the events. Go ahead and book your ticket(s).

CybroGeek Corporation joins our long list of Sponsors

I am glad to announce that CybroGeek Corporation join us,  as Bronze sponsors.

They told us a little about them:

CybroGeek Corporation provides Web Designing, App Development, Digital Forensic, Cyber Forensic, learning & hosting Services.

You will be glad to know, we are hiring. Spot us at WordCamp to share some happy talks.

Watch WordCamp Videos Online

I have been to every WordCamp in India since Oct 2012, that’s a total of about eight WordCamps – four of which were in Mumbai (Proud to be an organizer in three of them). And when you spend so much time at WordCamps you tend to know what to expect at a WordCamp – the fun, the networking and most importantly the learning.

But the downside of this, especially when we fill the shoes of an Organizer is that we become ignorant to the needs of those who are just discovering WordCamps for the first time. Many have asked us what should they expect at WordCamp Mumbai 2016.

So here’s the first of a series of post which would help explain what to expect at WordCamp Mumbai 2016.

As I don’t really believe in keeping the best for the last, I’ll start with speaker sessions. We just announced about a third of the speakers at this year’s WordCamp but they and the other dozen yet to be announced will be as good as the speakers at previous WordCamps.

So here’s a few places where you can watch previous WordCamp videos.

Now that you know what to expect… Go ahead Register for WordCamp Mumbai 2016


Store Apps is our first Bronze sponsor

Give it up for Store Apps who join us for the first time as Bronze Sponsors.

A little about Store Apps

32,000+ WooCommerce and WordPress users swear by Store Apps‘ frustration-free products to manage their stores, sell more and make their customers happier. If you are using WooCommerce, come and explore our solutions to see how they’ll help you achieve your dreams. Store Apps is also behind Putler, Icegram and Klawoo.

Follow Storeapps on Twitter

OpenSRS is our latest Silver Sponsor

OpenSRS joins our long list of Sponsors. We are glad to have them as Silver Sponsors.

OpenSRS is the wholesale unit of Tucows, exclusively focused on the needs of resellers. Through a network of over 13,000 web hosts, Internet service providers and Web companies, OpenSRS manages domain names, mailboxes and digital security products for millions of end users worldwide. We offer white-label, brandable end-user interfaces, easy-to-use management tools, extensive technical documentation, reliable systems, competitive pricing and outstanding customer support.

Do follow them on Twitter

Look who’s attending #WCMumbai

Curiosity is part of human nature and when ever I attend an event, I wonder who I would meet there. So for WordCamp Mumbai we made it a little easier.

We took our ticketing live a couple of days back and we also put up a page showing attendees. This page lists registered attendees with their websites and twitter profiles (if they shared those details). This will help you plan ahead who you’d like to meet with at the WordCamp and may be reach out to them on twitter or through their website.

attendees page

We also plan on selling tickets at our next meetup, for those who can’t make online payments.

For those who don’t really like the idea on being shown on the attendee page, yes we have a way of hiding you, so do let us know if you’d like to not be shown on the attendee page.